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We offer expert lawn and landscaping services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Grandville, MI.

Our team can fertilize your lawn, combat weeds, install sod, eliminate pests, and more.

Grandville is a city in Kent County, MI, with almost 16,000 people calling it home. It's part of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, so it's not far from everything its counterpart offers. However, there's still much to do closer to home. Some great parks and hiking trails include Wedgwood Park, Heritage Park, Buck Creek Trail, and Kent Trails. You can also shop at RiverTown Crossings, kayak along Grand River, and watch a movie at Celebration Cinema Rivertown.

At MJR Landscape, we offer expert lawn and landscaping services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Grandville, MI. Our team can fertilize your lawn and combat weeds, install sod and spruce up your yard to help you achieve the landscape of your dreams, eliminate pests, and more.

We offer lawn care and maintenance services in Grandville, MI.

If you want a lush, verdant lawn that everyone will envy, our lawn care services are for you! We offer just what you need to achieve your dream turf, from fertilizing it and applying pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to loosening compacted soil so resources can reach its roots via aeration. We can also perform overseeding and slit seeding to fill bare and patchy areas with new, healthy grass growth! Additionally, we offer curative lawn disease control treatments to eliminate common fungal diseases in Grandville, MI, including dollar spot and snow mold. Our team can also tackle damage-causing insects with our lawn insect control treatments.

We also provide lawn maintenance services to keep your turf in tip-top shape. For example, we offer weekly lawn mowing from April until October to keep it beautiful and manicured. We can also handle the leaf piles in your yard through our leaf removal and curbside pickup services. Not only that, but we even perform spring cleanups from March to April, then fall cleanups starting November 1st.

Our Landscaping Services Include Trimming & Pruning, Sod Installation & Landscape Bed Weed Control

Say hello to a well-maintained, pristine landscape - with our landscaping services! Our team provides a sod installation service to instantly establish a new, lush lawn on your property in Grandville, MI. We can also perform trimming and pruning; the former involves removing stray branches to enhance their aesthetic appeal, and the latter consists of cutting off dying, diseased, or insect-infested parts to prevent the problem from spreading and make room for new, healthy growth. Meanwhile, our landscape bed weed control service is just what you need to keep pesky weeds from dragging down the curb appeal of your landscape beds and stealing nutrients from your plants!

Keep your business in Grandville, MI, open and accessible during the winter with our commercial snow removal service.

Pests will become a problem of the past with our pest control services.

Pests are inevitable, but they don't have to be on your property in Grandville, MI! We offer pest control services to make creepy crawlers a problem of the past. We will apply our mosquito control treatments every 3-5 weeks from May until October to keep these bloodsucking insects at bay. Meanwhile, our team can keep spiders, ants, and other pests from invading your inside space with our perimeter pest control treatments, which we'll administer around the foundation of your home or business and three feet out.

We also offer a chigger control service, which involves applying our highly effective treatments monthly from May until October to keep these biting pests from causing problems. If you want to say goodbye to fleas and ticks, look no further than our flea and tick control service; we'll routinely apply our treatments throughout their active season in Grandville to provide consistent, overlapping protection.

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At MJR Landscape, we offer lawn and landscaping services to residential and commercial properties and HOAs in Grandville, MI. Call us at (616) 432-9876 to receive an estimate for any of our services today!