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Aerating a lawn using an industrial lawn aeration machine in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Core Aeration in Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Cascade, & Nearby Areas of Michigan

Our core aeration service loosens your soil and boosts your turf's overall health. 

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Core Aeration in Kentwood, MI & Nearby Cities Like Grand Rapids & Cascade

We perform core aeration at residential, commercial, and HOA properties.

A close up view of aeration soil plugs lying in the grass after aeration.

Core aeration is an important lawn care service that relieves soil compaction and makes it easier for key resources like water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. This is highly beneficial to your turf's overall health. At MJR Landscape, we perform core aeration at residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Kentwood, MI, and nearby areas like Grand Rapids and Cascade.

We offer our single-pass core aeration service primarily between late August and early September. After we finish aerating your lawn, we leave the soil cores on top of your turf so they can return nutrients to your soil. We also overseed your lawn after we aerate it to promote new growth and thicken your grass. If you want to sign up for our core aeration service, call us today at (616) 432-9876!

Our Core Aeration Process

An aeration machine aerating a lawn in Grand Rapids, MI.

Core aeration involves mechanically removing tiny soil plugs, or cores, from the ground to loosen compacted soil so that nutrients, water, oxygen, and sunlight can reach the roots of your grass with ease. To accomplish this, we use a top-of-the-line core aerator machine. This machine is able to extract thousands of small soil plugs from your lawn without causing any damage. When we visit your property to perform our service, we pass over your entire lawn one time with our core aerator to ensure that no spots are missed. We refer to this process as single-pass core aeration, and it produces strong results.

When do we offer core aeration?

We offer our core aeration service primarily between late August and early September. This is the best time of the year to core aerate your lawn for multiple reasons. One of them is that your cool-season grass endures a lot of heat stress and usage over the summer, which can lead to compaction. Core aeration helps your lawn recover from the summer while giving it a boost as it enters the fall growing season. Your cool-season grass thrives in the chillier autumn temperatures, so aerating it annually in the late summer to early fall positions it for sustained success.

We are able to core aerate lawns in the spring if there is a substantial need, although it is far less common than fall aeration.

What do we do with the soil cores after we finish aerating your lawn?

A lawn covered with aeration soil plugs after an aeration pass through.

You may be wondering what we do with all of the soil plugs that we remove from your lawn during core creation. The answer is quite simple — we leave them there. While the soil cores are visible on your lawn, they are very small. The cores are only about the diameter of a dime and range in length from 2 to 3 inches. Despite their diminutive size, these cores contain lots of nutrients that return to your soil as they decompose. This nutrient supply is the main reason we leave the cores on your lawn instead of removing them.

Soil cores break down completely on your lawn within a couple of weeks of your core aeration service.

Our core aeration service is paired with overseeding.

Core aeration and overseeding are complementary services that go together like peanut butter and jelly. When combined, they make a powerful impact on your lawn. That's why we pair our core aeration and overseeding services and offer them in conjunction with each other. If you sign up for core aeration, you also sign up for overseeding. Overseeding involves spreading grass seeds across your lawn to fill in bare or patchy areas and promote new growth. It is best to do this after core aeration because core aeration enables maximum seed-to-soil contact and creates ideal conditions for your seeds to germinate.

Call today to sign up for our core aeration service!

Want to give your lawn a boost? If so, then take advantage of our core aeration service. We provide this service to homes and businesses in Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Cascade, and nearby areas in Michigan. Our team typically provides our professional core aeration service in the fall between late August and early September. Give us a call today at (616) 432-9876 to sign up!