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Our team can care for your lawn, enhance your landscape, and control pests.

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Top-Notch Lawn Care & Landscaping Services for Homes, Businesses & HOAs in Caledonia, MI

Our services include fertilization, weed control, landscape renovation, mosquito control, and more!

Caledonia is a village in Kent County, MI, with a population of almost 1,700. This charming, rural area is located on the southeastern outskirts of Grand Rapids, offering a welcome change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Caledonia Lakeside Park is perfect for fishing, walking along trails, and tiring out the kids at the playground here. You can also eat and drink craft beer at Railtown Brewing Company, golf at Broadmoor Country Club, and hike at Lepard Nature Preserve.

At MJR Landscape, we offer top-notch lawn care and landscaping services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Caledonia, MI. Our team can care for your grass with fertilization and weed control, renovate and enhance your landscape, and control pests like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and more.

Help your lawn stay at its healthiest and most beautiful with our lawn care services.

If you want to help your lawn stay at its healthiest and most beautiful, you've come to the right place! We provide the following lawn care services to do just that:

  • Fertilization: Our fertilization program includes multiple applications throughout the growing season so that your lawn always has an ample supply of the nutrients it needs to thrive.
  • Weed Control: We'll regularly apply highly effective weed control treatments to keep dandelions, clover, and other common weeds in Caledonia, MI, from causing problems.
  • Aeration: We perform core aeration to loosen compacted soil and make it easier for essential resources, such as water, sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients, to reach the roots of your grass.
  • Overseeding: Fill in bare and patchy spots on your lawn with our overseeding service! We'll spread a premium blend of Kentucky bluegrass seeds to increase its density and make it lusher than ever.
  • Slit Seeding: We can help improve the appearance of your turf by creating small, uniform lines in the ground and planting seeds there to give them excellent contact with the soil.
  • Lawn Insect Control: Our team can eliminate damage-causing insects from your lawn with our high-quality treatments.
  • Lawn Disease Control: We can identify and treat common lawn diseases like snow mold and dollar spot.

Maintain The Aesthetics of Your Property With Our Landscaping Services

Maintaining the aesthetics of your property in Caledonia, MI, just got easier - with our landscaping services!

  • Sod Installation: Our team can install sod so you can boast a new, instantly beautiful lawn.
  • Leaf Removal: We will blow any leaves and debris out of your landscape beds and off your lawn, gathering them at the road and removing them.
  • Curbside Leaf Pickup: We offer curbside leaf pickups to keep unsightly leaf piles from dragging down your property's curb appeal!
  • Spring Yard Cleanups: We can spruce up your yard in the spring, between March and April, by mowing your lawn, reshaping your landscape beds, removing debris, and trimming your plants.
  • Fall Yard Cleanups: Prepare your lawn and landscape for the winter with our fall yard cleanups, which become available starting in November.
  • Trimming & Pruning: We can trim your plants to enhance their shape and prune them to bolster their health.
  • Landscape Bed Weed Control: We'll routinely visit your property from May until October to keep your landscape beds weed-free.
  • Landscape Renovations: We can revitalize your landscape beds by removing weeds, edging them, installing mulch, and adding beautiful plants.

We can keep your business in Caledonia, MI, open and accessible during the winter with our commercial snow removal service.

Keep Pests Like Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks & More Away With Our Pest Control Services

No one wants to deal with pests, but luckily, we offer the following pest control services to keep them away:

  • Perimeter Pest Control: We will spray our highly effective treatments around the perimeter of your home or business to create a barrier that keeps pests out.
  • Mosquito Control: We'll apply our mosquito control treatments every 3-5 weeks from May until October to reduce the mosquito population on your property in Caledonia, MI.
  • Chigger Control: Our experts can stop chiggers in their tracks so they don't continue to leave uncomfortable bites.
  • Flea & Tick Control: We'll treat your property for fleas and ticks monthly from May until October to protect you and others from these harmful pests.

Call us today to schedule any of our lawn care and landscaping services!

Here at MJR Landscape, we proudly serve homes, businesses, and HOAs in Caledonia, MI. Whether you need us to fertilize your lawn, install sod, or treat your property for fleas and ticks - we have you covered. Call us today at (616) 432-9876 to schedule any of our lawn care and landscaping services!