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Don’t Stop Mowing Yet!

Don’t drop the ball now! The grass is growing slowly here in West Michigan, but it is still growing. It is important that the grass is mowed regularly until it goes completely dormant. I know I know! We’re all a little tired of mowing grass by this time of the year. Don’t give up! Your lawn will thank you in the Spring!

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Short grass helps reduce the risk of snow mold – Over the winter, the snow’s weight bends the blades of grass on your lawn down. This can lead to trapped moisture, and when the snow melts it can reveal snow mold. A good  defense to this lawn disease is keeping your lawn cut as short as possible before the snow comes.
  2. Less thatch – Mowing the short, slowly growing grass allows plenty of time for the grass clippings to decay into the soil. If the grass is let to grow too long before being cut, mowing may leave an abundance of grass clippings on the turf, making it difficult for the soil to absorb the organic material. Think of it this way – it’s easier for your soil to digest a little bit of grass at a time opposed to large amounts at once. If too much grass is left behind after mowing it can lead to excess thatch, which can starve your lawn of nutrients and be costly to have removed.
  3. Mulching leaves – free lawn food – An added benefit to regular mowing in the fall is the leaves tend to get mulched up. This adds organic matter to the soil which helps to feed the grass. A light layer of leaves ground up into mulch is very beneficial to the soil and lawn in the long term.

Those are just a few reasons why it is important to keep mowing your grass. Stay strong!