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Let’s Talk About Mulch!

mulch for landscaping

Like the rest of you, as I was getting about that age, my parents sat me down to have the “talk”. You know the one I’m talking about: the talk about mulch. What’s that you say? Your parents never talked to you about mulch? Well, that just won’t do! Buckle up, kiddos, it’s time to go … Read more

A Primer On Gardening: Planning

making a list

Somewhere, in your most personal and private thoughts, you know you’re paying too much for cucumbers and green peppers. It’s a gnawing feeling you have deep inside, but, try as you might, you simply can’t get it out of your head. This is only the beginning. Soon, you’ll be looking at other produce in the … Read more

A Primer on Gardening: Raised Beds

Newly planted plants in the garden

Recently, we discussed the importance of planning out your garden. If you missed that, go back and check it out now. Today, I want to discuss an additional consideration before you actually start your garden: building raised garden beds. What Are Raised Beds?Raised garden beds lift your garden off the ground. How high the bed depends … Read more

A Primer on Gardening: Soil Preparation

By now, you’re likely good and ready to break out the seeds or starter plants and start putting things in the ground. I get it; it’s exciting. The prospect of growing your own green beans and tomatoes is thrilling. But don’t let the excitement overwhelm your good sense. Before you even thinking about planting anything, … Read more

Special Guest Sam Choan Discusses Fertilizer

For many homeowners who are new to lawn care, one important component that they tend to overlook is the nutritional balance of the ground soil. Like any other plant, grass requires the right balance of nutrients in the soil in order to thrive. The next time you pick up lawn fertilizer, you should notice three … Read more

Proper Watering

lawn sprinkler

Proper watering of your yard seems simple enough. Just water it? Right? Well, yes and a very big no. Watering your lawn with the proper technique is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. If you water it too little, then you could get the same results. If you are over-watering it then you … Read more

A Primer on Gardening: Selecting Plants

If you’ve been following along on our series about starting your first garden, you have have already done quite a bit of the heavy lifting necessary for a successful garden. Unless, of course, you’re just reading the series to pass the time, maybe on your lunch break at work. Don’t worry, we won’t judge. With … Read more

A Primer on Gardening: Care and Feeding

Watering the garden

If you’ve been following our guide so far, you should now have a garden planted in good soil with your vegetables spaced to allow plenty of room once they’ve grown in. That was a fair bit of work, but you’re not done yet, at least not if you want to get anything when it’s time … Read more

Four Tips For a Green Lawn This Spring

lawn mower mowing grass

A healthy West Michigan lawn starts before the Spring begins. Here are a few tips to help get your lawn started off on the right foot this spring. 1. Do a good Fall Cleanup – A healthy lawn in the spring means it needs room to breathe. Leaves and debris left on the lawn over … Read more